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Through a customer-centric approach, Royal Chartered Insurance (RCI) offers range of products and services involving various classes of insurance. Our products and services are designed and developed to meet individuals’ and corporate customers’ insurance requirements.


We are offering a flexible understanding with the clients to tailor our services according to their needs

ISO 9001 Quality

We strive to provide clients with the utmost financial security available in the global insurance market


We provide insurance coverage for clients' financial and private businesses around the clock, 360 days a year

Royal Chartered Insurance Limited
Best New Financial Guaranty Insurance Provider
Indian Ocean Rim Countries
by Global Banking & Finance Awards®


Certified as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) for the scope of insurance and re-insurance.

Under international laws, Royal Chartered Insurance “RCI” does not pay any financial compensation to beneficiaries under insurance policies before notifying the tax authorities in the country or countries of the beneficiary’s nationality of the amount that will be paid.

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